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Secret Agents are Seeking Secrets!

Do you have something weighing on your mind you just have to let out?  The Secret Agents provides an outlet for your deepest, most private secrets.  Inside the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center’s front door, there is a box where you can drop off your secret.

It’s a place to let it all out. Write down what you won’t tell anyone and send them in. Tell us your flaws, most embarrassing moments, what you did last summer, your guilty pleasures, your addictions, your feats over them, your crimes, your punishments, your secrets.

We all have skeletons so share them in the most anonymous way possible.

Modeled after, we would like to invite you to let out those burning secrets.  If there’s something you have been longing to share, but cannot find the place to share it, visit the Sloss House.

You can use your own postcards and mail them to:
Sloss House
Ames, IA  50011-1220

Or you can save on postage and come by the Sloss House, fill out a provided postcard and leave it in our drop box.  New secrets are posted daily.

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