Welcome to the MSWC and the Value of Feminism

I’ve talked about definitions of feminism and what it can mean to different people in earlier blogs, but with the start of the new school year I thought it would be important to bring up the value of feminism and how it relates to the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center (MSWC).

So how does feminism impact us at ISU? Feminism is valuable as colleges try to make their campuses safer. The Margaret Sloss Women’s Center and many organizations around campus promote feminist issues, and programs like Women & Gender Studies allow students to academically explore issues (I’m currently enjoying a minor in this program as well volunteering with the MSWC.).

First, because feminism is valuable you should learn about it, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore. There are many cool websites to check out when learning what is awesome about feminism, as well as what is NOT true about feminism:


As with anything, make sure you’re informed before making a decision or dismissing something.

If you’re interested, tell us why you’re a feminist and why feminism is important to you! A simple, fun way for you (and friends/roommates) to be involved is the ISU “Who Needs Feminism” campaign: http://www.dso.iastate.edu/wc/who-needs-feminism

Next, find different ways to become involved and celebrate, whether it’s an anytime event like the “Who Needs Feminism” campaign or a specific date like Women’s Equality Day.


The MSWC is always open for those who want a relaxed place to study, grab a cup of tea, or just hang out. But the center also has organized activities that may capture your interest. You can stop by or check out the website: http://www.dso.iastate.edu/wc

Finally, meeting people with shared interests and passions is always fun. I love sharing what I’ve learned regarding various issues, especially feminism. Because I believe feminism really is for everybody and that equality between all genders is important, I believe that sharing these ideas can make a difference. Consider the impact of sharing a simple video of opinions and experiences with the people in your life: http://www.upworthy.com/how-a-terrible-truth-about-tank-tops-convinced-this-guy-to-become-a-feminist?c=ufb1

Together we can do amazing things this year! I hope you’ll stop by the MSWC and check out the fun and inspiring events planned throughout the school year. And I hope you enjoy the links I provided and enjoy passing the knowledge on.




About Margaret Sloss Women's Center - ISU

The Margaret Sloss Women's Center promotes equity on the Iowa State University campus. Through a feminist lens, the center advocates for individuals and groups; provides support, referrals, community and programming; and maintains a safe space in the Sloss House.

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