New Year’s Resolution: Taking Back Beauty

How many women truly believe they are beautiful? How many of you are willing to compliment yourself as much as you probably compliment those you care about?

Why do we have such a problem with our own weight? Why do we use “fat talk” about ourselves and often comment negatively about others? And how do we go about creating a change?

Although my intent is not to endorse any products, I am endorsing the message created by that video and have made it my New Year’s resolution to be more positive about myself, as well as others. To do so isn’t ego or selfishness, but a necessary confidence booster leading to happiness.

Why does society and social media provide so many poor role models? I read an article called “Plus Size Barbie Gets Slammed for ‘Inaccurate’ Portrayal of Curvy Women” by Lizette Borreli, which made me wonder why there aren’t more positive examples of the beautiful multitude of female body types.

As long as the focus is on being happy and healthy, why can’t we applaud the weight loss of people (such as Jennifer Hudson), revel in the beauty of natural, curvy women like the “real women” in the Dove ads, or applaud celebrities (like Jennifer Lawrence) who comment on the need for young girls to be happy with their body and body image.

So I’ve decided to find and share the positive role models I know I, and many other girls and women, need to boost our confidence and spread our message. For example, I love this video of a “plus-size” model, Robyn Lawley, who came on the Ellen Degeneres Show and stated loud and clear that despite her “thigh gap” and the negative body image others have about her, she considers herself to be beautiful. such-a-perfect-response that-even-ellenapplauds?g=2&c=ufb2

For more information you can also check out:

Robyn’s message is a great one: to think and even say positive things about yourself can change your life. Accept yourself, learn to love yourself, and let us, as consumers and participants, push social media and society to step up, take notice, and create a positive change! I may not be a model or a curvy woman; in fact I’m considered “boyish” by most fashion magazines for my lack of female curves. But I consider myself to be feminine and beautiful, just as much as I do my curvaceous friends. Everyone is unique, but everyone is also gorgeous, sexy, cute, and any other positive synonym they can think of. And we owe it to ourselves to remember that. What helps me remember as I work towards my New Year’s Resolution? Videos like the following that encourages any and every “ordinary” woman to consider herself to be extraordinary.

Each step it gives us helps us remember to focus on the positive rather than the negative about ourselves and our lives, even though it is often easier said than done. Say something positive about yourself rather than resorting to “fat talk” and self-inflicted putdowns. If you have a weight goal, make sure it’s to be healthy-not harmful. And remind others that they are beautiful and that complimenting each other is way more fun that insulting one another.

For some it’s helpful to find that outfit that makes them feel beautiful, for others it’s having someone tell us we’re beautiful, but most importantly, we need to tell ourselves. To say it is to believe it, and to believe it is to truly become it. Join me in having a beautiful, happy New Year.


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