breaking for spring

I am aware some of you fortunate folk are off bathing on a sun-baked beach or zip-lining through jungle tree tops or reclining by a pool on the deck of a cruise ship.  And to all of you I say, “I am jealous!”  For those of us who stayed home for spring break, this can still be a wonderful time for self-care and rejuvenation, even if it means rejuvenating after work hours.

I love this time of year, not only for the well-timed (and much-needed) break, but because the days are getting longer and the sun is feeling warmer on my face.  Though my windshield was a bit frosty this morning, the sun melted it in a moment and I am wearing sandals!  It has to be spring!

It’s at this point in the year when I need to do some cleaning.  There are wintry cobwebs on my ceilings.  The house smells stuffy and the windows beg to be opened.  The wool and cotton need to trade places in my closet.  And my wool coat and down comforter need a trip to the dry cleaners before they are stored away for the summer.  And the clutter HAS to go!  I have stacks of books and magazines littering every surface of my house (thanks graduate school!).  Since my last bout of spring cleaning, my odds and ends for crafting have accumulated in spaces beyond the dresser it should fit in.  Basically, I need a big box and the willpower to sort the junk from the treasures and make deliveries to the appropriate second-hand stores.

With spring cleaning comes not only a sense of accomplishment, but a sense of peace.  I feel calm when my house is clean and organized.  I  feel in control.  I think it’s because as I sort out all of the clutter, I do an internal assessment of clutter.  I let go of a grade that could have been better and pour the energy spent worrying into productivity on the next assignment.  I clean out my internal cobwebs and dust and junk and allow myself to really take in the spring time.  Spring is a time for energy and wellness.  This is apparent from the significant increase in joggers in my neighborhood over the last couple of days.

After Spring Break, we have only six weeks before finals.  How will you make the most of the last month and a half of the semester?  Do you have some personal goals?  Do any of those goals include time to breathe in the coming spring or relax in the sunshine?  Maybe a nice pedicure or register for that 5K or half marathon you’ve had your eye on?

This is a great time in the semester to remember to take care of yourself.

Written by Liz Steinborn, Equity and Social Justice Educator at the MSWC.  Stop by or email if you want to work on goal-setting or just chat about making it to the end of the semester (


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The Margaret Sloss Women's Center promotes equity on the Iowa State University campus. Through a feminist lens, the center advocates for individuals and groups; provides support, referrals, community and programming; and maintains a safe space in the Sloss House.

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